unlike paths like kiras, im not sure if theres one choice that produces it take place?

unlike paths like kiras, im not sure if theres one choice that produces it take place?

but about the interaction with dio : if it helps, the only choice i made different from my out of sync route and the good one was that i told him)

we told him abt the specific situation w dio during the soccer game in the event that’s what ur abt that is talking i nevertheless got away from sync :

Ummm uncertain it but I could tell you how I got the ending if you finally got. For me https://hookupdates.net/muslima-review/ personally it had beenn’t any difficulty.

The thing I did ended up being select most of the “polite” discussion choices, sat right in front associated with course, remained after course to keep in touch with Jonathan, stay during lunch then. Then, we decided on never to hit snooze to ensure that you came to report back on the mission) that I could get to class early and talk to Jonathan again (Tell him. He is, tell him that there’s nothing wrong with being boring, and then when you get to the beach and sit down with him to read a book, tell him you’re smiling because you’re happy when he talks about how boring. In the soccer game, make sure he understands the facts, after which down the road, tell him you arrived as you desired to spend some time with him. That ought to be it! 😀

can not help u here chief but I recently want to let u understand I do believe ur username is elite

thank u icon рџ’…

We bloody love this game a great deal!

Which was therefore awesomeeee!! Can we’ve more along with other figures? Like Kakyoin and Dio (Those 2 are therefore РІв„ўТђ РІв„ўТђ РІв„ўТђ ).

Can there be Old Joeseph

We simped josuke the entire time, the kissing face by the end frightened the shit out of me tho. truthfully the art had been good and also this is fantastic for anyone who really wants to simply bang around and obtain some good joestar love within their life. bruh Dios suit tho . . crusty

How will you get Josuke to kiss you? i am guessing you hafta break in and fix his grade but i can not learn how to do this :/

the truth that we am, indeed, JJBR trash that i even played this just confirms. 10/10 would attempt to date Jotaro (and fail without once you understand the things I did incorrect back at my first try) again lol

I truly would like to play this video game nevertheless the software will not start, I really hope that anybody could explain why this can be. 🙁

You will need to draw out the files through the zip to try out.

I did so draw out them, i even got the software to relax and play them also it did not also available. ;_; [ sad ora noises]

Just just What can you mean by “app?” You are thought by me just require an application like winrar or 7zip to unpack it? Take to to begin with items to right click “JoestarStruck.exe” into the folder and select “Run as administrator.”

Oh!, I did so unpack the files and attempted to run it as an administrator. I acquired a folder called joestar struck and I also attempted to run the joestarstruck.exe thing,but every right time we attempted it did not available or work..

wait-. how can you draw out the files. We need help on that

Right click the .zip folder in ur downloads click and tab Extract

Please, we beg you, add more content about Dio!! i want this

I am attempting to install the video game nonetheless it downloads being a zip file and I also can not enter into the overall game please help

A zip file is simply the file or files your need, all within one package. It creates distribution easier. To unpack it, you will need a unique system, like 7Zip or Winrar. Both are free, you use Winrar though I recommend. It’s waaaaay better and does not corrupt your files just as much. (do not worry about “having to pay for a licence,” no one does that, it is a meme at this time.)

imagine if you’ve got a mac cpu??

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