Deaconess Pamela Ama Yanka

Slogan:  JESUS!! …… Friend of Children!

            JESUS!! …… The one who embraces all Children!

Composition: The Ministry comprises its Leadership, Sunday school teachers and Sunday school Children from as young as they can be, to the age of 13.

Mission : The Children’s Ministry is to create a platform, to enable children get their first active and passive contact with the Word of God, prayer and all other spiritual exercises as far as building them up in the Faith is concerned.

The foundations of the Gospel is brought to them in the Power of God, through Children oriented activities such as ‘Role Plays’, Bible stories, ‘Action Songs’ etc. These ensure that the Children get their arms around the Gospel at their level of understanding.

Activities: As scripture admonishes that we should train up the child in the way he should go and when he grows, he would not depart from it, the Ministry has well structured activities, to help ensure that this training is realized. Amongst these activities are;

  • Bible Studies
  • Prayer Meetings
  • Kids Camp
  • Mckweon’s week
  • Excursions

The use of special teaching aids helps ministry teachers to reach and engage most of the senses of their listeners. More also, Kids are grouped into classes, according to their age groups, for effective delivery on the part of teachers, and effective reception on the part of the Children.


Vision:  To bring our future leaders, to the saving knowledge of Christ, through the power of the Gospel, is what the Ministry strives to achieve. Therefore we work tenaciously, and spend all available resources, to attain this glorious goal, knowing that God the father wills it, our Lord Jesus Christ has redeemed us, and the Holy Spirit is the seal on our salvation. Amen