Let me make it clear about Registration > Boat Registrations

Let me make it clear about Registration > Boat Registrations

Any motorboat operated in the general public waters of brand new Hampshire, including tidal and seaside waters and all inland waters, must certanly be registered and must show the bow quantity granted by the DMV included in the enrollment procedure, unless the motorboat is exempt as supplied in RSA 270-E:4. Ships are registered whenever you want of the year, but each watercraft registration expires on December 31st of the season it absolutely was registered.

Just how to enter a Boat in brand brand brand New Hampshire: to join up a watercraft in brand brand brand New Hampshire, who owns the watercraft must make provision for the next:

  • Done Boat Registration Application .
  • Evidence of ownership (in other words., a Bill of Sale and holder’s motorist permit).
  • The boat that is proper fees. Please phone the DMV Boat Registration workplace at (603) 227-4030 to look for the fee that is proper your unique motorboat, pursuant to New Hampshire law (RSA 270-E:5 Vessel Registration costs, and RSA 72-A:3 Boat charges).
  • Verification of Vessel Identification if the ship is do-it-yourself or each time a 12-digit hull recognition number (HIN) had not been assigned to a vessel manufactured after 1972 or if you have no HIN present for just about any vessel manufactuered for just about any provided 12 months.


The best place to enroll a Boat in brand brand New Hampshire: Registrations for privately-owned ships could be prepared in individual at particular DMV workplaces, at authorized ship agents, or could be delivered by mail towards the Concord DMV at:

NH Dept. of protection DMV – Boat Registrations 23 Hazen Drive Concord, NH 03305

Include an owner that is additional to include an extra owner to your watercraft enrollment you ought to supply the following:

  • Present watercraft enrollment.
  • A page of demand to include a extra owner that includes:
    • the entire title, address and date of delivery regarding the extra owner
    • both owners signatures; and
    • a short description associated with the watercraft that features the Bow quantity.
  • Picture content of this extra owner’s motorist permit, non-driver recognition or delivery certification.
  • A finished Application for a duplicate of a Registration (RDMV 110).
  • $15.00 cost.

Registering a Homemade Boat: Please supply a bill of purchase, a Verification of Vessel recognition, receipts from materials bought, flooring plans or blueprints, and a motorist’s permit whenever registering a boat that is homemade.

Registering your Boat if you reside an additional state : if you reside an additional state, if your watercraft is employed mainly in brand new Hampshire, (51% or higher) it may possibly be registered in brand new Hampshire.

Boat Registrations: When a motorboat is registered, the master shall be released a enrollment certification along side a decal. The enrollment certification should be held from the motorboat at all instances when the ship will be operated. Every brand brand New Hampshire registered motorboat must show a bow quantity and registration decal that is current.

Boat Renewals: All ship registrations expire on December 31st of the season for which these were registered. The DMV mails renewal notices to watercraft owners ahead of the December 31st termination. To restore a ship enrollment, the property owner should finish and get back the renewal notice along side a check for the proper cost (as suggested in the motorboat renewal notice) to:

NH Dept. of protection DMV – Boat Registrations 23 Hazen Drive Concord, NH 03305

Privately owned ships can be renewed in individual at any DMV workplace or any brand brand New Hampshire authorized watercraft representative or marina that is certified. Should you want to have another individual restore a ship enrollment for you, you need to offer him/her with all the present ship renewal notification notice finalized by you, the property owner. In the event that you failed to get a renewal notice or are not able to discover it, you could offer your past enrollment certification and a finished and finalized Boat Registration Application alternatively.

Hull recognition Numbers (HIN): The Hull Identification quantity is a distinctive number that is 12-digit by the manufacturers. to vessels integrated 1973 to provide. People who own older vessels manufactured without a HIN or of do-it-yourself vessels which have maybe perhaps maybe not been assigned HIN needs to have a Verification of Vessel Identification finished by a unique Hampshire police officer.

Bow Numbers: ships are assigned a bow quantity upon initial enrollment of the boat in brand brand New Hampshire. Boats formerly registered in brand New Hampshire could keep the exact same Bow quantity for the life span of this motorboat. Bow figures start with “NH” followed closely by four figures and each one or two letters. Bow figures are assigned immediately and sequentially; the DMV will not issue bow that is specific upon demand.

Substitution Decals: A duplicate copy of a enrollment or an alternative decal is present whenever a present enrollment or decal was misplaced, lost or happens to be damaged.

For an alternative ship decal, please finish a credit card applicatoin for Replacement Boat Decals type. You’ll bring the proper execution to any DMV workplace, or mail it together with your boat that is current registration: DMV Concord, 23 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03305 combined with the $3.00 fee. Take note: extra charges may submit an application for those deals finished at A municipal representative location.

Abandoned Boats: in the event that you encounter an abandoned ship in the water, be sure to contact NH Marine Patrol. The local police department if you encounter an abandoned boat on land, please contact. Please see RSA 270-B:7 to learn more.

  • Boating Education Handbook
  • NH Fish and Game
  • NH Aquatic Patrol, (603) 293-2037. NH aquatic Patrol has relocated to your Division of State Police.
    • Moorings Bureau (603) 267-6453
    • Boating Education (888) 254-2125 or (603) 267-7256
  • NH Port Authority

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