Gay Dating Scams in Ghana. 73 thoughts on “ Guestbook ”

Gay Dating Scams in Ghana. 73 thoughts on “ Guestbook ”

Sorry to know that Charlie. For those who have his profile ID please email us or upload it on this website so other people will understand whom in order to avoid! Do a recommendation is had by you for the research agencies? Possibly we could backlink to them on the webpage. Just exactly exactly What do they charge due to their solutions?

Research agency utilized i’m not able to expose, because of contractual restrictions, nonetheless they promote regarding the mail website for scams. I was charged by them $400 paid in advance to investigate and report by e-mail (they called it level 3 investigation). They took significantly less than 3 trading days to make checks regarding the details and document copies that I’d offered them. They confirmed that papers was indeed modified and therefore names and contact figures that I was thinking I were genuine were certainly fake. Report ended up being detailed and expert and i recommend them. Therefore I spent $400 but stored myself alot more than that. Profile ended up being on Gayromeo as my-heart-desire but was eliminated by him. My advice to anybody will be never ever think that which you see or what you are actually told on homosexual sites that are dating because these scammer guys are clever at whatever they do. Hard i am aware, but simply keep that question during the relative straight straight back of the head, AND DON’T FORWARD MONEY unless your packed and may manage to lose it. Oh well. A lesson discovered in my situation and back again to square one. Possibly i must get away more .

You individuals will never ever discover. You browse the stories, you found out about these alleged gays from Ghana, The Gambia, Senegal, Nigeria etc. however you like to show everyone else incorrect. These men aren’t homosexual, they’re not deeply in love with you…if they do have intercourse to you, you are able to guarantee law enforcement is in the way…all they need is the cash. They target old whitemen whom they regarded as lonely,desperate and can do just about anything for a large cock that is black. It’s this that they are doing. Obtain it.

Well Mr SOS, your remarks are noted and I also wish valued by any“you that are potential” tempted by this option. For the record, I happened to be maybe not and am perhaps not hopeless, lonely or willing to do just about anything for ‘a big black colored cock’. Simply a standard nice man whom thought he had been doing a good change. And so I ended up being incorrect. I’ve got on it and managed to move on. But i’m homosexual, and then fine if that means being one of “you people. Have it.

Great web site you’ve got right here. Do you have got an RSS feed? I attempted to locate one but couldn’t see if there was clearly one or perhaps not.

Love the website, and looking for that special someone

i gave infomation on 2 genuine nasty dudes in ghana accra and also this site as faile dto demonstrate to them up for just what they have been therefore the proven fact that there a type of criminal activity thease that is following dudes

and this site is shit useless I might not trust it after all

When you yourself have proof then email us with it. Please try not to leave comments that are anonymous the web site. We now have no basic concept exactly exactly what information you might be refering to – please remember our company is volunteers and focus on this web site whenever we can. We do ignore things occassionally. As you possibly can comprehend, we can not publish unsubstantiated claims. Therefore please e-mail us along with your dudes and their type of criminal activity.

possibly who owns this web site is busy now, in which he must confirm the informations you give before modifying

Hey there! i simply discovered your internet site, and now have discovered a great deal concerning the so called men that are gay Africa-which I’m sure there was. I subscribed to Gay Romeo almost a thirty days ago, and also this guy from ghana contacted me personally. Their handle is “Emma_123” and naturally the images he usage are of a really appealing child in their late 20’s to early 30’s. Therefore I, like my wondering self, made a decision to talk to him on Yahoo. We was in fact chatting for awhile-and he even got on cam to my suprise(in which he also revealed me just exactly what their “jewels” appeared to be once you know the things I mean-and he’s well endowed). Sorry LOL. He fits the images on their profile. I became always told that don’t trust anyone unless they log on to cam. Therefore I have always been maybe not certain that i could trust this person or perhaps not. He also said that their cousin is extremely thinking about me-which we saw him on cam as well-both of those have become attractive and muscular. But as time continued, it appeared like their tone changed-like he had been getting decidedly more aggressive with all the real means he chatted beside me. Their Yahoo Messenger handle is “Mensah Emma”. I happened to be wondering could anyone fill me personally in on him? I simply wished to learn relating to this man or if anyone has handled him prior to.

Emma Mensah & i’ve been communicating for some time & now a Mr. Roland from an “agency” desires me personally to deliver $1400 United States to ensure Emmanuel Mensah to my intentions. He want me to make use of FedX anybody have helpful pointers?

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