Beyond K-Pop: Unique Korean Wedding Traditions and Symbols

Beyond K-Pop: Unique Korean Wedding Traditions and Symbols

Fans of Korean dramas will have seen many different wedding scenes showcasing Korean wedding traditions and symbols. Whilst the more youthful people choose a contemporary, Western design wedding, numerous still go for a old-fashioned wedding.

For many people, a marriage ceremony just happens as soon as inside their life time, which is the reason why they desire that it is because unforgettable as (economically) feasible. Some individuals splurge in the ceremony that is entire through the selection of wedding clothes to venues to designs and reception. And don’t your investment need for well-known wedding sponsors and visitors! Other people want their marriage service become easy and intimate while a couple of search for crazy and ceremony that is one-of-a-kind.

The aforementioned information are real for Western weddings, but could likewise connect with weddings in several areas of the whole world, including South Korea.

Southern Korea is really a nation having a language that is unique numerous unique traditions that pique the extensive interest among individuals outside the Korean Peninsula. These are generally subjected to culture that is korean their dramas which are now shown in a lot of areas of the entire world along with the high rise in popularity of K-pop plus the Hallyu revolution internationally. Simply glance at the rise in popularity of the kid musical organization team BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bangtan Boys). The literal concept associated with the name that is korean Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Never mind the way they show up making use of their similarly name that is unique. These are typically the many boy that is popular from Southern Korea, the first ever to break in to the United states Billboard Charts, winning honors and recognition from United states and Asian music companies, which makes it to your address of the time Magazine and talking during the un as UNICEF ambassadors. This BTS becomes the tourism ambassadors of the Metropolitan Government of Seoul month.

Learning Korean wedding traditions

Conventional Korean marriage service is creating a comeback. It really is an event that is spectacular witnessing. While Western weddings in many cases are carried out in subdued colors, a Korean old-fashioned wedding party is quite colorful, specially the conventional dress the bride wears. Korean Confucianism has a big impact on the initial traits of this old-fashioned wedding that is korean.

For the full traditional wedding that is korean, you’ll gape in awe, because perhaps the courtyard of a normal Korean home will display an array of colors. You’ll hear conventional Korean music to check out the famous Korean fan party. For several its conventional values, you can easily state that a normal Korean wedding is the newest modern. The interest in observing wedding that is korean and symbols is amongst the ramifications of the increase in international marriages.

Preparations for the marriage

As with any wedding plan, a few preparations resulting in the key occasion occurs at A korean wedding. After the age-old traditions, old-fashioned weddings in Southern Korea consist of pre-wedding traditions.

Whether or not Southern Korea is apparently so westernized, with regards to weddings, regional traditions prevail and many conditions should be met, several of that are extremely outdated.

One of several plain things considered is eligibility associated with the events. A guy and a lady that are over 18 yrs . old may be hitched with parental permission. A few is able to marry if they’re twenty years old and over.

In Southern Korea, a married relationship leans more towards the desires associated with family members as opposed to the people. The family that is entire to consent into the wedding before it could take place. In past times, old-fashioned clans needed to be consulted and just before 1997, folks from exactly the same ancestral clan and sharing exactly the same surname aren’t permitted to get hitched to one another.


A old-fashioned wedding in Southern Korea includes a pre-ceremony. Every element of a conventional wedding that is korean important and detail by detail steps. wedding, for Koreans, means a union perhaps perhaps perhaps not of two people but two families and for affluent families, it really is one way to keep or further develop their social standing. You notice scenes similar to this exaggeratedly depicted in a lot of South dramas that is korean where a family group that got hitched into an influential household believes that by expansion, they usually have become influential also. Their social standing increases and name-dropping becomes typical.

The initial step in the pre-ceremony may be the matchmaking or even the Eui-hon. The groups of the wedding couple meet to go over the marriage prospective, where they consider material harmony, educational, commercial and agricultural achievements, look, character and social status, frequently predicated on a lot of money teller’s predictions.

The Eui-hon occurs following the groom’s household sends a formal page proposing the wedding additionally the bride’s family sends straight straight back an answer accepting the proposition.

Establishing the date when it comes to ceremony or Napchae is completed because of the groom. The Saju or even the delivery date (year, thirty days and hour in line with the lunar calendar) is provided for your family of this bride. The written info is covered with a branch of bamboo and tied up with threads of blue and red, that will then be covered with blue and cloth that is red. Upon receipt, the bride’s family members will deliver the Saju to your fortuneteller and so the date for the wedding may be set. The groom will have the date that has been set.

The very last ritual that is pre-ceremony the Napp’ae. The tradition calls for valuables become exchanged or in other words, the groom sending the bride a field called Hahm which has three things that are essential. They are the Hanseo (wedding documents), Ch’aedan (blue and cloths that are red make clothes) and Honsu (various presents such as for example clothing, precious jewelry and home products).

The event that is main

Following the pre-wedding rituals, we arrived at the part that is best, the marriage ceremony it self. Prior to the wedding, a crazy goose or kireogi (Korean wedding duck) is presented towards the bride’s mother by the groom. Within the past, a real time goose had been presented. Today, a carved wood goose or more especially, Mandarin duck was utilized. Considering that the pets are mates for a lifetime, it becomes a sign of harmony, structure and residing only with one partner. The presentation for the duck symbolizes the vow regarding the groom he shall look after their mother-in-law’s child throughout their life. The groom needs to bow twice before giving the duck.

In past times, a marriage might be a economic burden. It is because each ongoing party could ask as numerous visitors because they desired.

After all of the preparations, can you genuinely believe that the real wedding party in Korea only takes about thirty minutes?

The groom and bride wear traditional hanbok that is especially created for the marriage. The bride typically wears a purple or hanbok that is pink her mother-in-law wears one in blue. The groom and bride’s family that is female may elect to wear hanbok also.

Prior to the establishment of wedding halls, the standard wedding had been frequently held during the house associated with bride.

Officiating a marriage ceremony is a celebrant along with an MC (master of ceremonies). They bow to one another and sip specially prepared wine from a gourd that was grown by the mother of the bride when they have exchanged vows. When they’re through with this ritual, the grouped family members and guests can partake associated with dinner.

Regardless of the shortness associated with the wedding service it self, a few more rituals should always be done.

As an invited visitor, you don’t have to bring a wedding present. What you ought to bring is just an envelope that is white place profit, typically in odd figures.

Following the wedding party

Its old-fashioned when it comes to group of the groom to get the brand new few a household. The household associated with bride typically offers the furnishings for the house. Generally in most situations, the 2 families discuss and agree with just what presents they’re going to share with the few.

Days following the marriage ceremony, the family members to do another ceremony called p’ye-baek. The bride brings chestnuts and times while offering them towards the moms and dads associated with groom. The good fresh fruit and nut symbolize fertility. The coffee dining table will likely to be filled up with different symbolic offerings. After getting the chestnuts and times, the moms and dads associated with the groom offer them benefit.

Later on the groom’s moms and dads will put the nut and fruit providing to your bride. She will you will need to get them within the dress of her wedding hanbok. It really is thought that the range dates and chestnuts she actually is able to get represents the amount of young ones they have.

Conventional shows

Based on exactly how steeped in tradition the categories of the wedding couple are and predicated on their choices, below are a few associated with shows following a wedding that is korean.

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