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Whether you’re making furniture, sculpting wood, retouching a boat, or constructing cabinetry, you’re going to want a layer of polyurethane sealant. An oil- or water-based plastic resin used for coating wood or as a wood finish, polyurethane keeps your work waterproof, weather-resistant, and polished-looking. They are available in a multitude of volumes, tints, and effects, so make sure you choose the right product for your project. In-between Coats When applying polyurethane, brush along the grain, stretching the polyurethane into as thin a coat as possible.

minwax vs varathane polyurethane

I have been using Minwax for years; really for no other reason than convenience. Couple of wks ago, I went to buy a pint of minwax cherry stain and they were out, forcing me to go to Home Depot. HD didn’t have minwax, only varethane, so I bought it.

How To Use A Jigsaw To Cut Laminate Flooring

There are several different finishes—since colorants are not the final step. Varnishes and polyurethanes come in water based and oil based, alcohol based shellac, and lacquer. It looks like you have a very interesting and unique pattern of wood on your table, paint wouldn’t do it justice.

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When humidity is high, temperature is low, or coats are thick, it takes longer for the film to dry. The surface must be dry and free of old finishes in poor condition, paint, wax, grease, polish, dirt or other foreign matter. To avoid overexposure, open windows and doors or use other means to ensure fresh air entry during application and drying. If you experience eye watering, headaches, or dizziness, increase fresh air, or wear respiratory protection or leave the area. Do not transfer contents to other containers for storage.

Minwax 61500444 Pre Stain Wood Conditioner

While applying a top coat ensures a dust-free environment for a blemish-free finish. On entering the room where you will apply the finish, be still for some time and allow no air movement in the room, preferably not even the air from a fan. In extreme cases, you may need to use some form of air purifier. Despite its odor and higher toxicity, oil-based polys are slightly more durable and offer much better protection against heat.

It is a very good choice which gives you a perfect finish on your floors with long-lasting goodness. It is suitable for houses with pets or children as you can be assured they wouldn’t be making a mess of your really expensive minwax vs varathane polyurethane hardwood floor. The main reason to sand polyurethane between coats is to level dust nibs and other flaws, not to create a better bond. This is demonstrated here by the gloss remaining in the pores after sanding the surface.

Varathane Polyshades

But, if you are feeling especially frugal, feel free to strain out the chunks and test the remaining finish on scrap. If it cures properly and seems to bind strongly to the wood, you can probably get another use out of it. In most cases though, I don’t take any chances once the finish starts curing in the can. who had the oil in spray, but water spray was very difficult to find. Like any polyurethane product, Minwax polyurethane clear-coat is highly flammable.

I would also recommend buying a marine grade true spar varnish. The most common good ones are made by Epiphanes and Interlux. Check out this post at the WoodWeb’s professional finishing forum.

Wipe On Poly Wipe Off Stain?

Verathane polyshades is a combination of polyurethane and wood stain. To change color, you can use the polyshades over the wooden surface without necessarily having to remove the older finishing. The water base polyurethane is easier to clean and designed to be stain resistant. It dries very fast and is waterproof hence protects your wooden surface from damage by water.

The incontrovertible fact that Minwax require several layers of coating causes the top outcome to be uneven drying and uneven layering of coats. Follow this recommendation on the assorted kinds of wooden finishes and when each one is used. I love pinterest, but I have to tell you that there’s a lot of deceptive DIY info in there. And, you have to know that you just won’t be able to resand them sooner or later .

I’ve been working at it for over 40 years now and still regularly have unhappy surprises when I attempt something new. If the furniture is already made accept it for what it is and don’t try to turn it into something it isn’t. This just doesn’t seem to be worth the time, effort, or irritation to me.

minwax vs varathane polyurethane

Wiping varnish, usually a type of polyurethane, comes premixed, but you can make your own by thinning regular varnish with mineral spirits. You can get polyurethane in spray cans, which makes the process quicker and easier. While spraying on the finish is convenient, many woodworkers prefer the wipe-on variety of polyurethane.


This is my first choice vacuum for hardwood floors, the best steam mop for tile floors and best hardwood floor cleaner. You can see all my recos on my Amazon Influencer page. I was told initially that the paraffin, linseed, thinner mix was a good exterior finish. After a couple years of Michigan exposure, the logs turned virtually black.

minwax vs varathane polyurethane

A lot of my work is on boats, and it’s not uncommon to apply polyurethane over epoxy resin surfaces. The second method is to let the bubbled finish dry and sand it level before applying another coat. Thin this coat enough with mineral spirits so the bubbles have time to pop out. There are two ways to deal with bubbles that won’t pop out. The first is to wipe off the bubbled coat of finish using a rag dampened with mineral spirits, naphtha or turpentine.

Obviously the time between stain and varnish application will be a factor. But if you didn’t experience major problems with beading of the waterbased poly as you were applying it I think you’re OK. The film is flexible enough to move with wood as it shrinks and swells with shifts in humidity.

  • Alkyd is the resin used in almost all varnishes and oil-based paints.
  • Looking for best poly that doesn’t yellow at all for white oak.
  • Light sanding also helps abrade the surface, improving intercoat adhesion.
  • Use plastic sheet,tarp or other non-linting fabric to fashion a tent with 3 walls and head high top.
  • A single quart of this product should cover roughly 125 square feet of flooring.
  • On unfinished wood, apply sufficient material to seal open joints, edges and end-grain.
  • You can use any of these separate or together to achieve a beautiful finish.
  • It is very possible that they used nordic sealer , but someone needs to look at that in person.

Their sanding sealers, wood fillers, refinishers, and pre-stain wood conditioners are just as effective as Minwax’s finishing options. Whether it be a water or oil-based stain, you can expect a Minwax finish to be long-lasting and protective. Like Minwax, Varathene is an oil-based as well as a water-based protective finish too. It provides excellent scratch and stain resistance, which prevents dullness in the wood surface. It is a wood varnish that is available in the form of liquid foam as well.

When working with wood of any kind, it is very important for you to keep it protected. There are a lot of things that can impact the quality of wood, so you need to be prepared for anything. This is where polyurethane comes in as it provides a clear protective coating to all of your wood furnishings and surfaces. Perhaps its biggest selling points, however, are that it’s lower in toxicity than its counterparts and requires only soap and water for cleanup. Are you applying sealer to light wood such as maple, or over wood painted white or another light color? Avoid oil-based polyurethane, which can dry with a yellow tint.

minwax vs varathane polyurethane

And consumers are more vulnerable to misinformation – that is, “myths” – about finishing than about woodworking. Confusion has been added in the last decade or so with the introduction of water-based finishes, some of which combine polyurethane with acrylic resins. It’s common alkyd varnish made with some polyurethane resin added. Alkyd is the resin used in almost all varnishes and oil-based paints. The polyurethane resin adds scratch, heat, solvent and water resistance to the alkyd varnish. It’s not necessary to brush across the grain, as I’m demonstrating here, to work the finish into the wood.

I’ve also seen exteriors done with a varnish, film forming finish. The only way to avoid this continual removal/refinish cycle is to go to some form of “transparent exterior stain” like that by Cabot or Behr or others. Imparts a light color, is UV resistant, and will not form a film that will degrade. I then remove the outer surface with a 3000 psi pressure washer to remove the exterior surface, then respray the exterior with new transparent stain. I’ve heard countless reports of spar urethane (including “minwax helmsman”) just peeling off of outdoor wood projects after a few months/years.

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Polycrylic vs. Polyurethane: Which to Use On Your Wood Project.

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